Dawn Oman Art Gallery


I had no idea in the pouring rain what I was in for when I entered Dawn Oman’s gallery.  We drove up to her door in Bridgetown Nova Scotia ran from the car to her door and were soaked.  “Do I have drowned rats at my door?” she said, laughing.  We said yes.

My expectations were nil; I was checking out a gallery that I was told was cool.

Dawn Oman Gallery
I’m sure you can’t miss the mixed metphors

Well, it was a gallery/home/former church/concert hall.  I had not realized it was a decommissioned United Church with intact stained glass.  Because Dawn is First Nations from Yellowknife with European heritage thrown in, the “gallery” was a cross cultural extravaganza. 

The works are fascinating; I picked up a set of greeting cards, but there was so much in there to enjoy.

But the best part was meeting Dawn herself.

Dawn Oman Gallery
Dawn explaining to my family what the heck this place is all about

For more information:  www.dawnomanart.com

Bridgetown Nova Scotia is 20 minutes / 24 km from Annapolis Royal.

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