Top 5 Grand Pre Nova Scotia Activities

John is with Stewart House in Grand-Pré near the Bay of Fundy and has these five local activities to suggest.

  1. have a glass of wine or bubbly at any of half-dozen wineries in the area (Lucketts has a wonderful view and Acadie has excellent bubbly, but you can’t really go wrong having your own personal taste test on a lazy afternoon in Grand-Pré.
  2. Rent a tube, line up some friends for the shuttle and go tubing on the Gaspereau River
  3. Check out a tide table and try to have a swim two hours either side of high tide in the at Evangeline Beach.
  4. Indulge your gastronomic cravings with a tasty slice of blueberry pie at the Evangeline Cafe or a fine dinner at Le Caveau Restaurant (Domaine de Grand Pre Winery).
  5. Visit the Grand Pre Historic Site and the Deportation Cross in Horton Landing. You are exploring the newest World Heritage Site in Canada.

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