Peggy’s Cove – A Mandatory Day Trip from Halifax


Peggy’s Cove is likely the cutest seaside town you have ever seen.  Depending on the route you take (I prefer the taking Highway 103 from Halifax and connecting to Highway 333 so that you pass through French Village and Indian Harbour before reaching Peggy’s Cove.) you will need 40 – 50 minutes to drive to Peggy’s Cove.  During the busy seasons, it’s recommended to arrive early so as to avoid crowds.

You have to plan to drive back or continue on somewhere else, because Peggy’s Cove is primarily for looking, not staying.  The town captures the essence of an Atlantic Ocean fishing village.  The rock-bound lighthouse is endlessly photographed but is still the cutest thing you ever saw.

If you are not an Atlantic Ocean person (I’m a left coast person) make sure to stand out on the rocks and stare at the ocean.  Even though it was a lovely day when we went, the Atlantic seems pregnant with force and danger.  I could not imagine just how frightening a storm would be.  Perhaps my imagination was running wild because just off the coast, in 1998, there was the terrible Swiss Air crash.  The quaintness of the setting could not be a greater contrast to the event.

The long standing feeling I took away from my short visit to Peggy’s Cove was that the Atlantic coast may have beauty, but one is advised never to underestimate the ocean’s power.

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