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Lunenburg – History & Nature by the Sea

Founded in 1753 as the second community in the British colony of Nova Scotia, Lunenburg was settled by immigrants from Germany, Switzerland and France. The influence of the early Germanic inhabitants is still felt today as the town draws many tourists from Europe. The current inhabitants of Lunenburg are very proud of the fine ensemble of buildings dating from the late 1700s and the 19th century. Everywhere you look there are brightly coloured, often massive wooden homes, churches, commercial buildings and warehouses. They are still in use, some having been transformed to luxurious inns, bed and breakfasts and restaurants. The […]

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Peggy’s Cove – an Idyllic Maritime Fishing Village

Tourists visiting Nova Scotia invariably want to see a perfect fishing village. They yearn to experience the fresh sea air with gulls and terns circling overhead, brightly coloured fishing shacks propped up on stilts along a rugged shore, weathered, shingled saltbox houses clinging to the rocks and brilliantly painted fishing boats bobbing in a protected cove. Of course not many functioning fishing villages are picture perfect. But Peggy’s Cove comes pretty close to the ideal. It is one of the busiest tourist attractions in Nova Scotia and there are very good reasons for this. The drive from Halifax to Peggy’s […]

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Lunenburg … a visual feast

 Exploring colourful towns in Nova Scotia. Lunenburg is a colourful town with a colourful history and you can see it the minute you arrive. Georgian and Victorian style buildings in reds and blue-greens stand up along the hillside from the bay below. I instantly got a sense of a long and proud, seafaring tradition from the tall ships in the harbour to the many marine-related businesses around its shores. The fresh salt air, blue sky and sunshine immediately invite you for a walk around town. Established in 1753, Lunenburg was the first British Colonial settlement outside of Halifax. Many of its buildings […]

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