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Lunenburg … a visual feast

 Exploring colourful towns in Nova Scotia. Lunenburg is a colourful town with a colourful history and you can see it the minute you arrive. Georgian and Victorian style buildings in reds and blue-greens stand up along the hillside from the bay below. I instantly got a sense of a long and proud, seafaring tradition from the tall ships in the harbour to the many marine-related businesses around its shores. The fresh salt air, blue sky and sunshine immediately invite you for a walk around town. Established in 1753, Lunenburg was the first British Colonial settlement outside of Halifax. Many of its buildings […]

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Charm and adventure!

The town of Wolfville offers tourists and residents its picturesque views and small town charm. It is nestled in the fertile Annapolis Valley, about 100 kms northwest of Halifax. Here the high tides of the Bay of Fundy rush in and out of what is described as one of the smallest bays in the world. Wolfville was originally settled by the Acadians and was named Mud Creek. Today it has a population of approximately 3800 full time residents though this number doubles during the school year when students arrive to attend Acadia University. This influx of energetic youth gives way […]

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Postcard from Tatamagouche

What’s going on in this town? They grow giant women …Anna Swan, giantess, who joined the P.T. Barnum Circus was born here – a wee 18 pounds – she has her own (large) museum. Real men wear Liederhossen …Oktoberfest, the largest beer and sausage party east of Kitchener Ontario. Sleeping on a train gets you nowhere …Sleep in a parked caboose or the Station Master’s residence at the Train Station Inn, (hay and hobo extra). Watching the women leave town is entertainment …A hit CBC reality show was filmed here, proving that when the women leave town there’s lots of […]

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A Quick Stop for Anne Murray fans!

I’ve always loved Anne Murray’s voice and sang along to her songs! She’s been a famous part of Canadian music for decades. (Remember Snowbird?) If you’re an Anne Murray fan and touring north-western Nova Scotia, her hometown of Springhill is worth a stop. In between Amherst (about 32 km away) and Truro (about 89 km away), Springhill is situated in the Cobequid Mountain Range. Originally Springhill was a flourishing mining town until too many accidents finally led to mine closures. It’s remembered especially for its “big bump” accident in 1958 that claimed 75 lives. If you want to learn more […]

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