Cape Clear

High up in the Highlands of Cape Breton is a place so remote, most people who have lived on the island have never heard of it.  The ones who have heard of it don’t believe there is such a place.  I’ve been to this mystical place and I can confirm that it does, in fact, exist.

Cape Clear Look-off can be found by turning off the 105 Trans Canada and heading towards Margaree until you reach the turn-off towards Hunter’s Mountain.  This gravel road keeps going upward into the highlands of Cape Breton – quite literally on top of the mountains!  Not many people venture into this area so there won’t be a lot of tourists around – just the local wildlife consisting of deer, moose, bear and other small mammals.  The turn off to Cape Clear is hard to find because the old logging roads that lead off the main one are not clearly marked but if you keep your eyes open for signs, you will eventually find the one that leads to Cape Clear.

The look-off itself is located deep in the woods but you can drive almost right to it most days.  Sometimes, the road could be a bit muddy and you may have to walk a bit.  You will know when you’ve found it; you will exit into a clearing with a very high cliff overlooking the valleys, mountains, fields and rivers below.  The view is spectacular!  There are some large rocks you can climb onto safely to get a better view but you are best to enjoy the view from the top because trying to climb down could prove dangerous and it’s a long way down.
Andrea MacEachern is a freelance travel writer and amateur photographer living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

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