The Mira

There is a song about it and there are countless stories about summer days and nights spent there.  I’m talking about The Mira River and the surrounding area known simply as The Mira.  Although the area consists of forest and countryside, a small year-round population and countless summer homes, Mira is only a mere twenty minutes or so from the city of Sydney in Industrial Cape Breton.

Mira is mostly known for The Mira River upon which locals and tourists alike spend summer days swimming, boating and barbecuing along the banks.  Evenings are spent around bonfires along the river or in a dark place where the night sky can be seen more clearly than anywhere else on the island.  Albert Bridge and Marion Bridge are two of the main meeting spots along the two highways that go through the area.  The river opens into the ocean at Mira Gut where there is a long, sandy beach.  Often times, there is a canteen available near this beach and you can swim in one of three places; the supervised side of the beach, the unsupervised side of the beach or the mouth of the river on the other side of the bridge.

Another popular attraction in Mira is Two Rivers Wildlife Park which features a number of animals including deer, moose, coyote, cougar, otters and bald eagles.  There is also a playground, a horse barn and a mini petting zoo available.
Andrea MacEachern is a freelance travel writer and amateur photographer living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

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