Wreck Cove

Wreck Cove is only a small village but it is a main stop along the route to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  It is also one of the gateways to the road system that lies atop the Highlands and takes visitors across this section of the island via gravel roads that literally are on top of the mountains.  This area of Cape Breton is among the best places for hunting, fishing and wilderness camping.

Wreck Cove General Store is a popular resting area along this route.  One can fill up on fuel, grab some food and drinks for the road, find a souvenir to take back home or relax on one of the picnic tables.  For visitors who would like to stay in Wreck Cove a little longer, there are a number of places to stay including the popular Wreck Cove Wilderness Cabins which is located close to a trout fishing area.  These cabins are open year-round and, in the winter months, make for an excellent base for skiers hitting the slops at Ski Cape Smokey.  Other activities, such as kayaking, camping and hiking are also enjoyed in the area.

Wreck Cove is a central location along this route and is close to other towns and villages such as Indian Brook and Ingonish.

Andrea MacEachern is a freelance travel writer and amateur photographer living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. anotherdayforgrace.blogspot.ca

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