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Kidston Island

Baddeck is one of the most widely visited villages in Cape Breton.  People from all over the world come for the sailing, fine dining, shopping and world-class resorts. The arena in the center of town is a popular gathering place in the town and many people have often wondered where the little motorized raft that scoots back and forth across the bay is going.  I used to be one of those people until I finally asked about it. I discovered that the little passenger ferry was run by the local Lion’s Club and was taking people to Kidston Island.  My […]

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Baddeck Something for Everyone

Near the entrance to the Cabot Trail, an absolute must for any visitor to Cape Breton, is the picturesque village of Baddeck. (Local Baddeck Info). It is located on Bras d’Or Lake and because of its setting and facilities for sailing and other water sports is a favourite with vacationers. A sail on the lake aboard 67 foot schooner or a tour by boat to Bird Island to see the puffins are excellent ways to spend a summer day as is a swim on the beach at Baddeck. The best known resident of Baddeck was Alexander Graham Bell who in […]

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Stay in Baddeck for a Relaxing Visit around Cape Breton

Normally we come to Baddek to visit my wife’s father in the fall when the tourist season is finishing (October 31st) and the airfare is cheaper. This time it was to be a bit of a working holiday, so we came in June. We landed in Halifax late but managed to get to our favourite hotel, Inn on the Lake in Fall River near the airport, in time for a nightcap in the lounge. We highly recommend this place for its ambiance, warm service, comfortable rooms, excellent cuisine and pleasant views of Lake Waverly. The only drawback is there seems […]

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The Cabot Trail – Nature & Heritage

Without a doubt the most scenic drive in Nova Scotia is the Cabot Trail. This winding, hilly highway that circles the coast of the upper end of Cape Breton Island, should be a must on every vacationers itinerary. The views are breathtaking. One’s experience on the Cape Breton Trail is entirely at the mercy of the weather. If it is wet and foggy, as it frequently is in the spring and early summer, there is a chance that the blue waters of the Atlantic that crash into the shoreline along the trail will be obscured. We drove the trail on […]

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