A Quick Stop for Anne Murray fans!

I’ve always loved Anne Murray’s voice and sang along to her songs! She’s been a famous part of Canadian music for decades. (Remember Snowbird?) If you’re an Anne Murray fan and touring north-western Nova Scotia, her hometown of Springhill is worth a stop. In between Amherst (about 32 km away) and Truro (about 89 km away), Springhill is situated in the Cobequid Mountain Range.

Originally Springhill was a flourishing mining town until too many accidents finally led to mine closures. It’s remembered especially for its “big bump” accident in 1958 that claimed 75 lives. If you want to learn more about Springhill’s rich mining history you can visit the local mining museum.

Despite some of the town’s economic struggles it remains a pretty, small town where a big star was born. The Anne Murray Centre is great fun to visit. It’s been open since 1989 from May to October and hosts over 250,000 visitors each year! You will see an extensive collection of Anne’s memorabilia including albums, awards and glittering costumes. You will be able to hear her on audio and see her on video as well as buy her souvenirs in the gift shop. It’s definitely worth the stop if you’re a fan!

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