St. Ann’s

St. Ann’s is located in the center of the island but it is not remote like other areas of the interior because it can be accessed right off the main highway passing through the island – the 105 Trans Canada Highway.

If you are heading to St. Ann’s from the city of Sydney, there is a look-off on Kelly’s Mountain that allows you to see scenic St. Ann’s Bay in it’s entirety.  Another five-minute drive down the road and you will come across exit 11.

The main attraction in St. Ann’s is the Gaelic College.  Although it is technically a college where students can come and take various courses, it is also a popular tourist attraction.  Visitors to the college have access to a museum dedicated to the Scottish culture of Cape Breton and a gift shop where one can buy many Celtic-inspired one-of-a-kind souvenirs.  During peak season, there is often various events and concerts that take place at the college.

The St. Ann’s area is also known for being an outdoor lover’s paradise.  A number of walking trails are located in the area and sailing and kayaking are very popular activities.  North River Kayak is located a short drive down the same road as the college and provides kayaking tours to both beginners and expert kayakers.  Wildlife is also plentiful in the area with deer, fox, moose and bald eagles being spotted frequently.

Andrea MacEachern is a freelance travel writer and amateur photographer living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

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