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Mabou and Area

Mabou is a small village in Western Cape Breton, not far from the town of Inverness.  The village is surrounded by rolling hills and forest and the ocean not very far away.  Mabou is mostly known across North America for being the hometown of the famed musical group, The Rankin Family.  The main street in the town is lined with little shops and restaurants including the famous Red Shoe Pub which is actually owned and operated by several members of The Rankins.  Live entertainment by well-known and emerging artists, delicious homemade meals and desserts, friendly staff and a down-home atmosphere […]

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St. Ann’s

St. Ann’s is located in the center of the island but it is not remote like other areas of the interior because it can be accessed right off the main highway passing through the island – the 105 Trans Canada Highway. If you are heading to St. Ann’s from the city of Sydney, there is a look-off on Kelly’s Mountain that allows you to see scenic St. Ann’s Bay in it’s entirety.  Another five-minute drive down the road and you will come across exit 11. The main attraction in St. Ann’s is the Gaelic College.  Although it is technically a […]

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