The Maragrees

Margaree is located in the center of Cape Breton Island and is part of the Cabot Trail.  The area consists of scenery that is vastly different from the coastal areas of the island.

Visitors can access Margaree via several exits on the Trans Canada Highway.  Margaree is an area comprising of several small communities including Margaree Forks, Margaree Harbour and Southwest Margaree and you will often hear the area referred to simply as The Margarees.

The interior Margarees are characterized by valleys and farmlands.  A main road runs through the area with side roads going off into smaller communities.  Along this main road, one can find The Lakes campground where you can enjoy a relaxing stay along the shores of Lake O’Law.  Bumper boats, go karts and bathrooms with showers are just some of the amenities one can avail of at the campsite.  In Margaree Valley, The Salmon Museum is a top attraction and this is where visitors can learn more about the area and the Salmon fishing industry of Margaree.  The hike to Egypt Falls is a short but difficult one but these waterfalls and among the most beautiful on the entire island.

A number of gift shops and small restaurants are scattered along the main road and visitors who take the route through Chimney Corner when they reach the fork in the road will come across two of the areas star attractions; Chimney Corner Beach and Whale Cove Beach.  Both beaches are fairly long and sandy with calm, warm waters suitable for swimming.  Margaree Harbour is next along this route and there is another beach near a scenic lighthouse and fishing wharfs.

Andrea MacEachern is a freelance travel writer and amateur photographer living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

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