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The Maragrees

Margaree is located in the center of Cape Breton Island and is part of the Cabot Trail.  The area consists of scenery that is vastly different from the coastal areas of the island. Visitors can access Margaree via several exits on the Trans Canada Highway.  Margaree is an area comprising of several small communities including Margaree Forks, Margaree Harbour and Southwest Margaree and you will often hear the area referred to simply as The Margarees. The interior Margarees are characterized by valleys and farmlands.  A main road runs through the area with side roads going off into smaller communities.  Along […]

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Chimney Corner

Cape Breton Island is full of long, sandy and deserted beaches but none is as hidden as Chimney Corner. Heading south along the Cabot Trail, visitors find themselves at beautiful Margaree Harbor and a fork in the road. Both directions are beautiful in their own unique way but if you are seeking a quiet, sandy beach away from the crowds that congregate on the bigger and more well-known beaches, I advise you to turn in the direction of Chimney Corner. The drive through Chimney Corner is a scenic one with forest on one side and the ocean on the other. […]

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