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North River Falls

When it comes to hiking trails in Cape Breton, there is certainly no shortage of trails of varying lengths and levels all over the island.  However, there is one trail that many people neglect because it is a bit off the beaten track and somewhat hard to find.  North River Falls are located deep in the woods of central Cape Breton not far from St. Anne’s Bay.  Not many people go to the falls because not many people will take the 19-kilometre return hike into them.  For those who have done the hike, they know it is well worth it. […]

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One of the highlights of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park is the town of Ingonish.  Ingonish may be small but there are many things to do in every season. The most popular attraction in the village is the long, sandy beach of Ingonish Beach.  In the summer months, hundreds of people gather on the beach to swim and spend the day relaxing in the sun.  A freshwater lake suitable for swimming in located nearby and a walking trail surrounds that entire lake. Ingonish is home to a number of other beaches including Black Brook and North Bay Beach.  There […]

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Glooscap Caves (Fairy Hole)

Since I was a child, I heard the stories about the mysterious swimming hole located at Cape Dauphin near Kelly’s Mountain.  I finally got the chance to visit the Glooscap Caves, or Fairy Hole as it is locally known, for myself and highly recommend anyone visiting the area make a point to hike the hour-long trail to the caves. From Sydney, visitors seeking the easiest route to the caves need only get on the 125 Bypass, turn off onto the 105 (Trans-Canada), drive for about a minute past the Seal Island Bridge and turn right onto the dirt road leading […]

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Englishtown is mostly known for being the gateway to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. For years, a small car ferry has shuttled passengers across the channel to the highway that winds along the Northern Shore towards to the national park. Despite the traffic that Englishtown sees, many visitors and locals alike are unaware of the many things to see and do in the village. One of the more well-known attractions in Englishtown is the museum dedicated to Cape Breton’s one and only Giant, Angus MacAskill, who stood almost 8 feet tall and weighed more than 500 pounds. Donelda’s Puffin […]

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