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Pleasant Bay

Along the Cabot Trail between Cheticamp and Ingonish is the small and scenic village of Pleasant Bay.  The village is surrounded by mountains and ocean which is why, I assume, it received it’s name – the area is quite pleasant! Pleasant Bay is a popular stopping area along the trail because there are a number of restaurants and gift shops in the village.  The Rusty Anchor is a popular restaurant serving up all sorts of popular local fare.  Cardinal Points Gift Shop and Mountain View Gift Shop are great places to find some unique and local souvenirs.  Folk Art Enthusiasts […]

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Inverness is said to be the hub of Western Cape Breton.  Although it is a very small town, there is much to see and do in the area and it is a main stop along the Cabot Trail. Like so many other towns on the island, the town’s main attraction is its long, sandy beach.  Inverness Beach can be reached from a number of the side roads that branch off from the main one.  The beach has a small take-out, a boardwalk and waters suitable for swimming during the summer months. The main street in the town is home to […]

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Chimney Corner

Cape Breton Island is full of long, sandy and deserted beaches but none is as hidden as Chimney Corner. Heading south along the Cabot Trail, visitors find themselves at beautiful Margaree Harbor and a fork in the road. Both directions are beautiful in their own unique way but if you are seeking a quiet, sandy beach away from the crowds that congregate on the bigger and more well-known beaches, I advise you to turn in the direction of Chimney Corner. The drive through Chimney Corner is a scenic one with forest on one side and the ocean on the other. […]

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The Cabot Trail – Nature & Heritage

Without a doubt the most scenic drive in Nova Scotia is the Cabot Trail. This winding, hilly highway that circles the coast of the upper end of Cape Breton Island, should be a must on every vacationers itinerary. The views are breathtaking. One’s experience on the Cape Breton Trail is entirely at the mercy of the weather. If it is wet and foggy, as it frequently is in the spring and early summer, there is a chance that the blue waters of the Atlantic that crash into the shoreline along the trail will be obscured. We drove the trail on […]

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Down North

Sense of direction can be a little confusing in Cape Breton for those “from away”. Cape Bretoners talk about Down North – diametrically contrary to most people who go “down south” and “up north”. After all, the world spins sort of upright with the top being north and the bottom, south, doesn’t it? Things become stranger when you hear them talking about going “down to Sydney” and “up to Halifax”. To get to either city you have to drive east or west on Highways 104 and 105 West! How does that fit? OK. Let’s overlook the finer points of the […]

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