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Port Morien

Port Morien is located just outside the town of Glace Bay in the industrial part of the island.  Once a thriving fishing and coal mining town, it is now a quiet place where many Cape Bretoners come to retire after spending their working years in the oil fields of western Canada. The best way to get to Port Morien is via the scenic route – from Glace Bay, along Tower Road and through the village of Donkin.  Along the way, it is well worth it to stop at Big Glace Bay Beach and take a refreshing dip in the Atlantic […]

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Port Hood

Port Hood is a small village located on the western coast of Cape Breton Island on the Ceilidh Trail.  The most popular attraction in the area is the long, sandy beach and scenic boardwalk.  The beach is perfect for swimming because the waters are calm and warm. Other popular activities that can be enjoyed in Port Hood include hiking, kayaking and boat tours that allow visitors to view whales and other marine life.  Port Hood Island is only accessible by boat and there is a boat that ferries visitors back and forth to the island where there is an uncrowded […]

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Charm and adventure!

The town of Wolfville offers tourists and residents its picturesque views and small town charm. It is nestled in the fertile Annapolis Valley, about 100 kms northwest of Halifax. Here the high tides of the Bay of Fundy rush in and out of what is described as one of the smallest bays in the world. Wolfville was originally settled by the Acadians and was named Mud Creek. Today it has a population of approximately 3800 full time residents though this number doubles during the school year when students arrive to attend Acadia University. This influx of energetic youth gives way […]

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