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The Town of Louisbourg

Louisbourg is probably the most visited town on Cape Breton Island because that is where a famous, reconstructed French fortress lies at the end of town.  The reconstructed version of The Fortress of Louisbourg is only a very small fraction of the original fortress that stood in the 18th century but it is still big enough to require at least an entire day to see the whole thing!  There are guides in period costume and you can choose to avail of one of these guides for a guided tour or you can explore the fortress on your own.  The grounds […]

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Kidston Island

Baddeck is one of the most widely visited villages in Cape Breton.  People from all over the world come for the sailing, fine dining, shopping and world-class resorts. The arena in the center of town is a popular gathering place in the town and many people have often wondered where the little motorized raft that scoots back and forth across the bay is going.  I used to be one of those people until I finally asked about it. I discovered that the little passenger ferry was run by the local Lion’s Club and was taking people to Kidston Island.  My […]

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