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Kidston Island

Baddeck is one of the most widely visited villages in Cape Breton.  People from all over the world come for the sailing, fine dining, shopping and world-class resorts. The arena in the center of town is a popular gathering place in the town and many people have often wondered where the little motorized raft that scoots back and forth across the bay is going.  I used to be one of those people until I finally asked about it. I discovered that the little passenger ferry was run by the local Lion’s Club and was taking people to Kidston Island.  My […]

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Inverness is said to be the hub of Western Cape Breton.  Although it is a very small town, there is much to see and do in the area and it is a main stop along the Cabot Trail. Like so many other towns on the island, the town’s main attraction is its long, sandy beach.  Inverness Beach can be reached from a number of the side roads that branch off from the main one.  The beach has a small take-out, a boardwalk and waters suitable for swimming during the summer months. The main street in the town is home to […]

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Glooscap Caves (Fairy Hole)

Since I was a child, I heard the stories about the mysterious swimming hole located at Cape Dauphin near Kelly’s Mountain.  I finally got the chance to visit the Glooscap Caves, or Fairy Hole as it is locally known, for myself and highly recommend anyone visiting the area make a point to hike the hour-long trail to the caves. From Sydney, visitors seeking the easiest route to the caves need only get on the 125 Bypass, turn off onto the 105 (Trans-Canada), drive for about a minute past the Seal Island Bridge and turn right onto the dirt road leading […]

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Englishtown is mostly known for being the gateway to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. For years, a small car ferry has shuttled passengers across the channel to the highway that winds along the Northern Shore towards to the national park. Despite the traffic that Englishtown sees, many visitors and locals alike are unaware of the many things to see and do in the village. One of the more well-known attractions in Englishtown is the museum dedicated to Cape Breton’s one and only Giant, Angus MacAskill, who stood almost 8 feet tall and weighed more than 500 pounds. Donelda’s Puffin […]

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Chimney Corner

Cape Breton Island is full of long, sandy and deserted beaches but none is as hidden as Chimney Corner. Heading south along the Cabot Trail, visitors find themselves at beautiful Margaree Harbor and a fork in the road. Both directions are beautiful in their own unique way but if you are seeking a quiet, sandy beach away from the crowds that congregate on the bigger and more well-known beaches, I advise you to turn in the direction of Chimney Corner. The drive through Chimney Corner is a scenic one with forest on one side and the ocean on the other. […]

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The Town of Dominion

Industrial Cape Breton is more than just the city of Sydney. Many people neglect to venture into the smaller towns and villages where there are many nice beaches, parks and museums. One town, in particular, has much to offer visitors and it is only a short drive away from the city center. Dominion is a very small town located between Sydney and Glace Bay. From Sydney, visitors can drive straight on the Sydney/Glace Bay Highway until the Gardiner Road turn off. It’s a fairly short drive but along the way, golf lovers can stop at Lionel’s Golf Center for a […]

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Bay St. Lawrence and Area

Cape Breton Island is well-known for its world-renowned scenic drive, The Cabot Trail. This well-marked trail encompasses most of the northern portion of the island but it does not go as far north as one can go. An entire area of the island is not included on the Cabot Trail and, trust me, it is well worth the extra short drive out of the way to see what this area of the island has to offer. Driving north from Ingonish, one will come to a fork in the road that takes visitors to one of two areas; Cheticamp to the […]

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The Town of Glace Bay

Glace Bay was once one of the largest towns in Canada. Today it is still very much a large town but much of the industry that existed in its glory days are now distant memories that are kept alive in the people’s memories and the many museums located in the town. Glace Bay is about a twenty-minute drive from Sydney. The most popular attraction in the town is the Glace Bay Miner’s Museum. This museum is home to real underground coal mine that visitors can go down into to see for themselves what it was like for the men who […]

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A Guide to Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton Island Overview Just a little bit east off the Coast of mainland Nova Scotia in eastern Canada is the tiny island of Cape Breton. While the island belongs to the province of Nova Scotia and is a part of Canada, it is nothing like any other place in the country … or in the world for that matter. It is hard to know where to begin in telling you what the island has to offer because there is so much. The culture, the history, the scenery, the beaches, the hiking, the food, the nightlife! One can travel to […]

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