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The Mira

There is a song about it and there are countless stories about summer days and nights spent there.  I’m talking about The Mira River and the surrounding area known simply as The Mira.  Although the area consists of forest and countryside, a small year-round population and countless summer homes, Mira is only a mere twenty minutes or so from the city of Sydney in Industrial Cape Breton. Mira is mostly known for The Mira River upon which locals and tourists alike spend summer days swimming, boating and barbecuing along the banks.  Evenings are spent around bonfires along the river or […]

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The Town of Louisbourg

Louisbourg is probably the most visited town on Cape Breton Island because that is where a famous, reconstructed French fortress lies at the end of town.  The reconstructed version of The Fortress of Louisbourg is only a very small fraction of the original fortress that stood in the 18th century but it is still big enough to require at least an entire day to see the whole thing!  There are guides in period costume and you can choose to avail of one of these guides for a guided tour or you can explore the fortress on your own.  The grounds […]

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Framboise and Area

I often call the Southern part of Cape Breton the neglected part of the island.  Isle Madame, L’Ardoise, Grand River and Framboise are just some of the small villages located in this part of the island that few people think to visit.  I’m not sure why that is; the area is vastly different from other parts of the island but the rugged and serene beauty rivals anywhere else in Cape Breton.  Framboise is most popular with locals as a fishing and hunting destination but it is also a great place to spend the day if you love being, quite literally, […]

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Port Morien

Port Morien is located just outside the town of Glace Bay in the industrial part of the island.  Once a thriving fishing and coal mining town, it is now a quiet place where many Cape Bretoners come to retire after spending their working years in the oil fields of western Canada. The best way to get to Port Morien is via the scenic route – from Glace Bay, along Tower Road and through the village of Donkin.  Along the way, it is well worth it to stop at Big Glace Bay Beach and take a refreshing dip in the Atlantic […]

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One of the highlights of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park is the town of Ingonish.  Ingonish may be small but there are many things to do in every season. The most popular attraction in the village is the long, sandy beach of Ingonish Beach.  In the summer months, hundreds of people gather on the beach to swim and spend the day relaxing in the sun.  A freshwater lake suitable for swimming in located nearby and a walking trail surrounds that entire lake. Ingonish is home to a number of other beaches including Black Brook and North Bay Beach.  There […]

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Inverness is said to be the hub of Western Cape Breton.  Although it is a very small town, there is much to see and do in the area and it is a main stop along the Cabot Trail. Like so many other towns on the island, the town’s main attraction is its long, sandy beach.  Inverness Beach can be reached from a number of the side roads that branch off from the main one.  The beach has a small take-out, a boardwalk and waters suitable for swimming during the summer months. The main street in the town is home to […]

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Chimney Corner

Cape Breton Island is full of long, sandy and deserted beaches but none is as hidden as Chimney Corner. Heading south along the Cabot Trail, visitors find themselves at beautiful Margaree Harbor and a fork in the road. Both directions are beautiful in their own unique way but if you are seeking a quiet, sandy beach away from the crowds that congregate on the bigger and more well-known beaches, I advise you to turn in the direction of Chimney Corner. The drive through Chimney Corner is a scenic one with forest on one side and the ocean on the other. […]

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The Town of Dominion

Industrial Cape Breton is more than just the city of Sydney. Many people neglect to venture into the smaller towns and villages where there are many nice beaches, parks and museums. One town, in particular, has much to offer visitors and it is only a short drive away from the city center. Dominion is a very small town located between Sydney and Glace Bay. From Sydney, visitors can drive straight on the Sydney/Glace Bay Highway until the Gardiner Road turn off. It’s a fairly short drive but along the way, golf lovers can stop at Lionel’s Golf Center for a […]

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Bay St. Lawrence and Area

Cape Breton Island is well-known for its world-renowned scenic drive, The Cabot Trail. This well-marked trail encompasses most of the northern portion of the island but it does not go as far north as one can go. An entire area of the island is not included on the Cabot Trail and, trust me, it is well worth the extra short drive out of the way to see what this area of the island has to offer. Driving north from Ingonish, one will come to a fork in the road that takes visitors to one of two areas; Cheticamp to the […]

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Top 5 Activities for Fox River Nova Scotia

Fox River Nova Scotia, which enjoys access to the Bay of Fundy and its massive tides received this top Top 5 Activities list from Liz at Beach House on Hatfield Road: Watch the highest tides in the world come in & go out Explore the salt water marsh & the amazing dike left behind by the Acadians Dig for clams Look at all the stars & constellations in the clean air Treasure hunt on the beach – shells, driftwood and, if you’re lucky, a fossil Travel (20 minutes drive) to Wild Caraway Restaurant & Café in Advocate Harbour (www.wildcaraway.com)

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